Hi, I am Claudia Farr.

I am a Brazilian girl living life in Paris, Texas.

I am known for my vibrant lifestyle photography and for capturing your family the way that you feel it, love it and want it to stay forever.

I have been taking photos professionally for about 7 years. My handsome husband and two adventurous boys were the reason I fell in love with the camera and they are still the ones inspiring my work.

Photo Credit: Iliasis Muniz Photography

Fun facts about me:

  • I was born in Recife, Brazil and my first language is Portuguese (Not Spanish)
  • I am not a morning person. My family actually knows to not talk to me when I just wake up. Give me a few minutes, or lots of minutes.
  • My favorite job (besides photography) was when I worked at Starbucks. And I didn’t even like coffee at the time.
  • I don’t like ice cream! But I love to eat my pizza with ketchup (it’s a Brazilian thing)

Showing Love

Jacqueline Medina

““I cannot express how happy my husband and I are for all that Claudia has done in helping us capture our special moments. She is wonderful, professional and and has a unique talent to capture kid's personality.”

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