What is your style of Photography?

I try to keep it natural! My goal is to capture who you and your family really are, and all the different dynamics and personalities! Sometimes it means I will be running after your toddler or telling jokes to your teenager. I will do my best to relate to you and make everyone comfortable. And if someone ends up crying I will make sure I capture that too. 😀

What do I wear?

I will send you more information when you book your session and you can check the What to Wear page under Session Info on this site.

How long does it take to get my photos?

Most people don’t realize but my job doesn’t finish after we say goodbye. When I get home I work hard editing each photo trying to maximize their color and beauty. On a regular portrait session, expect 2-3 weeks. Sometimes, of course, you may get them sooner!

What is a Cake-Smash Session?

You take one-year-old give them a small cake or a large cupcake and let them go for it! You baby will have a good time and I will capture some amazing pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime. For more information on Cake-Smash sessions please contact me by email, phone or through this website.

How much does a session cost?

The price of a session will depend on what kind of session you would like. For more information on prices please contact me.

What is a Lifestyle Session?

Lifestyle photography can also be called A Day In The Life Photography. I will come to your home to shoot you and your family in their natural setting. Your lifestyle pictures will tell the story of your life with some of your favorite activities as a family. For more information on Lifestyle sessions please contact me.

When do you take photos?

Since I only use natural light for my photography, and most sessions are done outside we will schedule in the early evening when there is no harsh light. Newborn sessions are are a little different and mostly done inside so we will do it in the morning. If you would like to find out more about in-home Lifestyle sessions and when are they taken please contact me and I can give you more specific information.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions can last from 45min to 1 hour (about 2 hours for newborns). I encourage any ideas you may have to make sure we capture what you’re looking for. But always remember that I have my own style and I try not to do the same poses that everyone else is doing.

Do we have to buy prints, or do we get a digital copy of images?

Currently, your sessions will include digital access to your images already edited and with reprinting rights for portrait sessions. You will be able to access Small size photos with my logo on it to be used on social media (facebook, instangram, etc) and Large-size, high resolution photos with no logo for printing. Optionally, you can purchase a thumb drive with all your images loaded on it. You can also order prints right from your gallery, accessible from the link I send you.

When should we hold my maternity session?

I usually try to do Maternity Sessions in the 3rd trimester but you should call me as soon as you find out you are pregnant so you can guarantee I will have an opening for you.

Do you have a studio setting option?

No, I shoot on location. That location can be downtown if your family loves the city look, a park where everyone can run around, the woods, a favorite place, or the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have a location in mind I will be happy to help you find the perfect place for your family.

What size can I print the images?

These are high resolution images so you can pretty much go as big as you want.

Do you do weddings?

At this time my focus is on Lifestyle photography and portraits for families and children, so weddings are not in my plans. But I do offer engagement and anniversary sessions if that’s something that interests you.

When should I schedule my newborn session?

If you decide that you want to book your session with me I will reserve a session spot for you in the month you are due. Once your baby makes their arrival, you should give me a call or send me an e-mail or text within a day or two so we can schedule the session within the first 10 days. Most of the newborns are photographed at 4-10 days old. Newborn sessions generally last 1-2 hours which allows for plenty of time to feed and soothe your baby.

Can you photograph a birthday party, family reunion or do you offer event photography?

At this time I do not offer Event photography. I do offer sessions for large groups as long as it is booked as a family session. Not an event.